Wonderful pond...great weather

Jul 26 2020

Erik Linstrom


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Reservation Number : 25366
Property Name : Five Finger Springs
Reservation Date : 07/25/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3/2.5 - 3.0lbs
Lures Used : All top water - toads

My son and I went to Five Finger Springs and had a great day!  We only caught three fairly decent sized bass, but had a blast doing it.  We caught all of them on top water toads, in that the weather was cloudy most of the day, which provided relief from the sun, and kept our high temp to about 89 degrees when we left around 3:30pm  We were on the water around 7am.

We didn't have any luch with sluggos, or swim baits, or Texas rigged worms, or chatter baits.  Only top water toads.  So we both ended up throwing those for most of the day.  We had several strikes that we missed, but had a blast given the visual effect of top water.

The two man boat is really sturdy, and with two chairs that made it easy on our backs for a long day.  Great time on the water.