First PWF outing

Aug 03 2020

Antonio Lopez


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Reservation Number : 25432
Property Name : Lake Thrallveston
Reservation Date : 08/01/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 4 Bass,2.5,3.0,3.0,3.5
Lures Used : Senko,power worm,lipless cranks

My father and I hit the water about 7 am,threw top water for an hour or so without success,so we started fishing a little deeper. I caught the first fish of the day around 9 am on a green pumpkin magic senko near the boat dock. Tried the south end of the lake,but it is very shallow,and the rain from the night before didn't help either,the water was like chocolate milk. My next fish we caught on a power worm,and my old man caught his two on a blue gill,and red craw colored lipless cranks,with the largest being 3.5 lbs. These four fish were the only bites of the day,so it was tough fishing. It was a very nice property with really easy access! 

Aug 03 2020

Steve Carpenter


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Welcome to the club. Tough lake for numbers, but some nice big fish there. Try the point where the two creeks come into the lake. There is a channel marked by a PVC pipe on the edge. About 8 feet deep which is deep in that lake. Water is never clear in the lake. If you want numbers might try Bartlett if your close.

Good fishing