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Aug 05 2020 #1

Joe V. Smith

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Property :
Alysha Ranch, Clarksville

Alysha and Otters

Reservation Number : 25396
Property Name : Alysha Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/04/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 32 1.5 to 3 lbs
Lures Used : worms,flukes & drop shot

Very disappointed to find that otters have moved to Alysha. The member I was fishing with saw one otter on one side and I had four swim right past me on the other side of the lake. It they are not removed quickly they will destroy the fishery in Alysha.

We caught 32 bass of which 8 were under the 14" mark but nice size. Ten crappie and two bream. We tried in open water with crank baits but nothing. Our best luck was around the shore line with weightless plastics and slightly weighted plastics.

Tried drop shot out in the middle of the lake where a friend was catching crappie and nothing but when I moved to the shallower north end I picked up five more bass in the last 30 minutes before we had to go.

Aug 05 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for the heads up on the otters. While otters maybe cute to look at they are hell on wheels for a fishery. We have notified the owner and he has already reached out to a trapper. We hope to have them removed within a few days.

For those interested in otters and how they can affect a fishery, please read—outdoors—Cormorants-and-Otters—fish-preators/4136

Or just read the first sentence of this article by the largest lake managment company in Texas.

Thank you for letting us know. 





Aug 06 2020 #3

Jim Bennett

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Steve, I saw two otters at Grapeland Bennett Lake back in Nov 2019. Noted in my report. They were actively feeding and chasing the shad schools.  FYI.


Aug 06 2020 #4

Joe V. Smith

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Extremely happy to hear that the owner is acting so quickly. This is about my favorite lake and I always expect to catch at least 24 nice bass every half a day trip I make. Over the last six years I generally go about eight times and seldom catch less than two dozen in a half a day. The lake fishes better in the hot summer and fall than in the spring, likely because it stays almost muddy in the spring.


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