Moon Walking

Aug 08 2020

Shane A. Beck


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Reservation Number : 25435
Property Name : Backside of the Moon Lake
Reservation Date : 08/06/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 15 < 2lbs, 10 2-3lbs, 2 better than 4lbs
Lures Used : Rattletraps / Soft Plastics, top water poppers

I understand why they call this Backside of the Moon! They are correct, you have to take your time but the road is passable. 

Heed caution, the boat launch area is overgrown with grass 2-5 feet tall, basically from the top of the dam to the launch, a distance of 30-50 yards. You have to be very determined to launch! The bumble bees are also swarming the blooms growing at the launch site which is also a bit intimidating. I also think some type of bees have nested in the boat overturned at the launch. Hopefully someone can at minimum run a weed eater at the launch site.

After getting through all that, and I almost didnt even attempt it, we were able to fish. The water is similar to chocolate milk color and the temp was 89 degrees. This is a beautiful piece of property and once you figure a pattern the fish will reward you with some activity. We were able to catch the majority of our fish mid way up the lake in 10 feet of water.

Aug 10 2020

Scott Quigley


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Hi Shane,

We appreciate the detailed report, that's a great day of fishing!  We understand the grass at the launch site is high this time of year, the launch is actually at the spillway overflow which holds moisture and promotes growth even in the summer.  This lake doesn't get as much traffic as some of our other properties so the grass isn't as matted down; that's good news for the fishing, low pressure, but does make launching more of a challenge.