Aug 08 2020

Travis Stein


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Reservation Number : 25495
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/08/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 0
Lures Used : Everything Imaginable

Whiff of a skunk early as I exited my car. Held true to the end of the morning. Skunked. Threw everything I had at them. Started fly fishing an orange dragonfly popper around 6:30am. Water was bubbling all over. Orange dragonflies were flying all around. Switched to conventional ribbit. Switched to spinner. Switched to senko. Switched to crankbait. Switched to moss colored jig w crawfish trailer. Gave in. Gave up. Threw all I had at them. Still enjoyed my time as always at this well kept property that has always produced for me.