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Aug 09 2020 #1

Jared Harpole


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Bridle Oaks Ranch, Bartlett

Another Good Numbers Day From the Bank

Reservation Number : 25473
Property Name : Bridle Oaks Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/08/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 46/Up to 3.5-4lbs
Lures Used : Swim Jig and Rattle Trap



Arrived at Bridle Oaks a little before 7AM and fished until 11:40AM. The lake level is down further from when I last visited on July 18th (probably 6-12"). Water clarity seemed better than on July 18th (probably 8-12"). I started on the North East side of the lake with a Black and Blue 3/8oz Swim jig with a Black and Blue Zoom Ultravibe Speed Craw as a trailer. I also tried a Rattle Trap in Blue Gill color. For the early bite the swim jig worked well. I worked my way around the entire lake with the Swim Jig and Rattle Trap. I also tried a Texas Rig craw but given the moving bait bite was good I stopped since it did not make sense. The most productive areas were the North East Side close to the dam and also the North West side closest to the dam. I tried the East side of the lake and caught a fish here an there but did not find a honey hole. I also fished the South side of the lake which has typically been productive the last couple trips. I noticed that the wind was blowing pretty strong to the North (I wished I would have realized this sooner) and I made my way back towards the North East side of the lake again. I started throwing the Swim Jig but did not have much success (In hindsight I should have put on a chatter bait). Then I switched to the Rattle Trap and caught probably 9-10 within 20minutes. At that point the reservation came to an end. Great day and you know it is when your thumb is torn up from landing all those fish. Ended up with 46 total and culled 4. Most fish were close to 14.5-15" with some bigger. 

One thing that I find peculiar about this lake is there is this fish that I always seem to catch around the North East side of the lake. I am going to name this fish Betsy. Betsy has an enormous head and very skinny body (which is probably why we need to harvest). It looks like Betsy would be 7-8lbs if she filled out. I just think it is a little funny that I seem to always catch this same fish each time I go out. Hopefully as we harvest Betsy will grow into a much bigger fish.

Anyway thanks for reading, hope this was helpful, and tight lines!

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