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Aug 10 2020 #1

Jeremy Francis


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Malouf Lake, Lancaster

30+ fish (3.5 lbs was the largest) - 8.8.20

First time fishing Malouf Lake on Saturday (8.8.20) and it did not disappoint.  First of all, directions were great and easy to access from Dallas.  Lots of submerged grass, standing trees and underwater timber/trees, and plenty of bank line to fish.  The entire bottom is not all grass though, there is also hard bottom on the north side of the timber.  We really caught fish non-stop from 7:00-10:00, then it died off once the sun got high.  We found a good number again near the dam.  There's three trees under the water, but visible, just to the left of the pipe coming off the dam, where the water goes from bankline to 19 ft very fast.  On this hot day, the fish were hanging there but hammering swimjigs and worms on shaky heads as we pulled them from shallow to deeper water.  The majority of fish came on a natural color swim jig, including the biggest of the day (3.5 lbs).  The remaining fish were caught on big texas rigged worms, shaky head worms, and a few on blue gill colored cranks.  Had a few hit a frog as well.  I would have thrown the frog more along the dam around the vegetation early if i had to do it again.  All-in-all, a really fun day and all the fish fought very aggressively making for non-stop excitement!   Loved it!!


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