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Aug 17 2020 #1

Chris Harper


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MK Ranch, Athens

Seasonably Hot August day at MK Ranch

Reservation Number : 25528
Property Name : MK Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/15/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 8 total - 2 lbs. to 5.46 lbs.
Lures Used : Chatter Bait, Swim bait, shaky head

I fished alone all day Saturday the 15th, from 6:15, am to 7:45 pm. The first and smallest fish I caught in the first 15 mins on a frog. This fish was near the bank just to the right of the boathouse. I had a few more blow-ups that got my heart racing, but there were no additional hookups on the frog or whopper plopper. I fished topwater until 8:45 am, and I planned to throw crankbaits, chatterbaits, and 10" worms the rest of the morning. I switched between these baits for the next few hours with no bites on the crankbait or worm. I did see fish chasing bait randomly throughout the day, and it was an impressive sight to see baitfish jump for their lives and big figure eights in the water left by the pursuing fish.

I did catch five fish that were chasing on the chatterbait, and a 3.3" swimbait/underspin all were very healthy fish in the 3 to 4 lbs range. I never really figured out the pattern but I picked up a nice fish on a wacky rigged Senko on the dam and the biggest fish of the day at 5.46 lbs hit a shaky head and a 6.5" straight tail T-Mac worm in June Bug color at the opposite end of the Tank near a stump and the moss line.

I took a break from 1:00 pm to 4:45 to grab lunch and visit the freshwater fisheries center, but sadly the inside exhibits were closed I will have to make another trip to see the really big girls.

No under sized fish were caught but I did have a few follow the bait up to the boat..... and in the late afternoon once the wind died down I could see balls of bait which I think were 1" bass from time to time swimming around all nervous that they were about to get smashed.



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