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Aug 23 2020 #1

Drew Mackintosh


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Bridle Oaks Ranch, Bartlett

Good Day Considering the Conditions

Fished from the west bank for the 1st half hour because I didn't know where to find the boat…finally found it on the north side. Tried top water with no real luck then switched to a 5" cane thumper and they started biting. Worked the whole lake as it was my first time on the property. Didn't really do well close to the banks…most of my strikes were in the middle of the lake, closer to the south side. Water quality was poor due to a heavy rainstorm the day before. Tried a rattle trap later in the day, but didn't get much action, probably because of the heat more than anything. Overall, fished from 7:30 - 10:30 and landed 9, most between 1 - 3 lbs. which is a good day in my book. Look forward to returning when the weather cools off and the conditions are better.


Aug 23 2020 #2

Steve Carpenter


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 there is a drop off on the south side around the solar panels within cast distance of the bank. Used to be a weed line there that was about 8 feet. Another drop off on the north side oing towards the creek. Have had pretty consistent action on senko's and lizards.

Good luck


Aug 24 2020 #3

Drew Mackintosh


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Thanks for the tip, Steve!


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