Bass and cats

Aug 25 2020

Jim Bennett

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 25606
Property Name : Pecan Springs Ranch
Reservation Date : 08/24/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3 bass at 14-17", 2-3 lbs
Lures Used : SqBill, senko, Chatter

Son and I fished Pecan Springs for the first time on Monday.  Nice property with easy access. Started at 630am. Very warm, high baro pressure and rising, bluebird skies, zero wind, and clear water didn’t make for very good bass bite conditions.  We managed to land 3 bass, a couple at 14” and one 17”, 3lb.  All on square bill cranks.  No bites on spin bait, senkos, tx rig worms, or jigs.  All were caught near the dam in 12-15 FOW open water.  No bites near shore or in the grass, or near brush piles. 

I anticipated that the bass bite might be tough, so for Plan B, I brought some punch bait to go for channel cat, as they don’t usually care how hot it gets.  We did pretty well landing 5 total, ranging from 2 to 5lbs. All caught near dam, in 12-15 ft.  Nice to reel something in, and had channel cat nuggets for supper.  We had booked all day but the TX sun drove us off the lake at noon.  I will try the bass again this fall in cooler weather.  

Aug 26 2020

Scott Quigley


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Nice picture Jim, those are some nice cats and sure the nuggets were tasty.  Kudos to you for having a plan B, looks like your son enjoyed it!