Hot Day at Pecan

Aug 31 2020

Shane A. Beck


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Reservation Number : 25519
Property Name : Pecan Gap
Reservation Date : 08/29/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 18 total, #2-#7
Lures Used : Soft plastics / Spinnerbait

The temp was up there but this was my birthday trip and we made the most of it. What a great lake! Its nice to see the owners maintain the feeders and the dock and launch area as well. I wondered if the feeders we functioning and got my answer when it did. It was amazing to see the boil from the baitfish feeding. The lake level is down probably 5-6 feet as expected this time of year. Water temp 88-91 throughout the day. The clarity is stained but not bad.

I see why this is considered a premier lake and I thoroughly enjoyed my day!

Aug 31 2020

Scott Quigley


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Happy Birthday Shane!  Sounds like you had a good one with some nice fish…glad you enjoyed the lake.