Spiders, Snake & Crawdad

Sep 05 2020

Kirk Balsley


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Reservation Number : 25710
Property Name : Tear Drop Lakes
Reservation Date : 09/04/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 10
Lures Used : Spinner bait, Paddle Tail Worm, Pad Crasher Frog

Had a great day fishing solo at Tear Drop. Cloudy, humid and light wind. Started on lower lake and had two blow ups on the frog landing one.  Left it alone with note to return at end of the day. Hit the upper lake for very short period with no action. Hit the middle lake and saw some bait activity and caught one. Also spooked a good fish off the bank.  Nothing on the damn end as the rip rap is out of the water.  The narrow path across the damn was very muddy so I passed on trying to cross to the far side.  

Could see down to lower lake and saw the snake that has been mentioned previously.  He is large.  Went back to lower lake as it is nearing 5 pm.(Started at 3).  Got on a SB bite in the top of the water column but you had to make long casts and they’d hit well off shore. Had a flurry almost like a Solunar period where they bit.  Went to other side (R side if your back is to the damn). Flat bank there and only 1 fish. Saw the state record crawdad over there that made me jump and talk to myself more than I have in years!  It was mostly black and thankfully docile or I might have run to the truck. Could’ve kicked myself as my phone was in the truck! Near dark I finished on the damn in the few places you can cast. Saw several spiders in the tree limbs above the water. They were large enough they could thankfully be seen from 15 feet away.  Did I mention several spiders?   Great day of fishing 3:00-7:40 with some wonders of nature thrown in.