Plenty of Fish

Sep 07 2020

Darryl Stratton


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Reservation Number : 25674
Property Name : Indian Hollow Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/05/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 37
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Visited Indian Hollow on Saturday.  Got there about 7 and there was a heavy fog.  Started out with a buzz bait and yellow magic and they both were working.  Later in the day moved to spinner bait and TX rig fire tail and they worked also.  Basically anything that was white worked well.  Only caught 7 of any size with the biggest 4.1 and 3.7lbs. I did take break at lunch to bank fish the smaller pond on the opposite side of the dam.  Caught 4 and all were decent size but that area of water is extremely difficult to fish due to the high grass and brush all around the lake.
Bigger lake was clear but the level was down at least 4 feet.  
Great property but needs some heavy fishing to move out some of those little fish, I did my part.  You actually have to work not to catch the smaller fish on every cast. 
 If you need a place to take someone starting out this lake would be perfect.  The heavy vegetation in the lake has cleared up somewhat and is much more manageable.