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Sep 08 2020 #1

Richard Christy


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MK Ranch, Athens

Beautiful Day but Slow

Reservation Number : 25743
Property Name : MK Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/07/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2 LMB; 12" and 2.5 lbs
Lures Used : Topwater, Kut Tail Worm

Got to the lake about 6:30 and caught an 12" LMB on a topwater thrown to the right of the dock.  Caught a 2.5 lb LMB on a small Kut Tail worm fished finesse style mid morning and that was it.  Early on I threw a popper with my fly rod with no luck.  Tried wacky worm, super fluke, rattletrap but no luck.  This is a beautiful lake with a great boat and dock. It was definitely a great place to spend the morning.  Both fish were healthy.  The 2.5 lb was shaped like a football and was a great fighter.  I also saw several schools of small fingerling bass and a few times the bluegill really worked over my small worm.  It was great to get out even it it was slow fishing.  Looking forward to cooler days.  

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