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Sep 08 2020 #1

Rodney Schroeder


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Property :
Boatwright Lake, Kennard

Boatwright starting to grow up

Reservation Number : 25720
Property Name : Boatwright Lake
Reservation Date : 09/07/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17
Lures Used : underspin, texas rig worm

On the lake by 12:30 and found water temp at 88-90 and more than a 5 mph breeze.  I also noted that the moss and other vegetation seemed to less than last time on the lake a year or two back.  Worked down the dam and picked up one cull fish fairly quickly.  When I got to the large moss bed across from launch and house that is still there, but was about 1-2 feet below the surface, the fish were eager to bite.  After 6-7 fish in less than an hour I decided I needed to at least go around the lake to see how moss was in other parts.   Picked up a few while spending and hour or two trying to find a bigger fish in some deeper water.  Ended the day on the moss bed and they were still there.

Only caught one fish over 14", barely, but the cull size seems to be improving with only one under 10".  Considering I was on the bank and cleaning fish by 6 not a bad day of catching.  I think this lake has the potential to be a great fishery and the recent size improvement I see reminds me of of the increase of average size I have seen on Laneville Hidden Springs over the years.    

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