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Sep 08 2020 #1



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Property :
Kickapoo Lake, Canton

One of those 'go to' lake to catch bass

Reservation Number : 25742
Property Name : Kickapoo Lake
Reservation Date : 09/07/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14
Lures Used : Swimbait, crankbait, texas rig

We had a blast with the bass fishing at Kickapoo lake again. We got out there after 5pm and it was a hot 95 degrees. My wife doesn't waste any time. She caught the first fish on her first cast. The first pic is the first bass caught. I believe the fish was around 3- 3.5#. She was full of confidence. She almost caught 2 bass on one lure around 2.5# each until one of them came off at the boat. That was insane because I thought she had a huge bass initially. The bass were mainly buried in the grass. We ended up culling 4 bass and releasing 10. We are hoping to catch a lunker our next trip back. Anyways, my daughter was hoping to see the friendly little cattle dog but it wasn't around. We hope the dog is alive and well if anyone knows? Good fishing to all!

Sep 09 2020 #2

Mark Daugherty

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Tri - thanks for always sharing pics of your smiling family! No, I don't know of the whereabouts of the sweet cow dog (we were there in late July) – she would have really enjoyed your daughter!



Sep 10 2020 #3

Cole Porter


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Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! That's awesome!

I've seen the pup a few times when I've been at the property, it's one of the neighbor's dogs, and I'm sure it's fine.

Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Cole PWF


Sep 10 2020 #4



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Mark- That's the dog! Sweet little dog. My daughter kept asking about the cow dog so we went back to this lake hoping to see it. Daughter was sad even though we have 2 dogs at home hahaha. Kickapoo is a solid little lake and having the company of a sweet buddy topped it off.


Sep 10 2020 #5



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Cole- You're welcome! We intend to take more photos of our family catching fish at other PWF lakes. We are hoping others will do the same. This way it gives us that fishing fever to check it out!


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