Kickapoo kicked us

Sep 13 2020

Bob Gage


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Reservation Number : 25727
Property Name : Kickapoo Lake
Reservation Date : 09/12/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 10 - Dinks - 17 inches
Lures Used : Junebug Power Worm T-rig

Wife and I fished Kickapoo afternoon of the 12th.  Slight north wind and grass has increased out from the bank since last visit.  Still lots of fishable water.  Had very good success on two earlier trips with swim baits.  The fish didn't like them at all on this trip.  Hooked into 15-20 with 10 put in the boat.  All but one of these was 14 inches or below.  Released one 17 inch fish.  All they wanted this trip was a Junebug Power Worm.  Most were caught drifting down the dam.  Still no sign of the friendly cowdog.  Missed her following us completely around the lake.