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Sep 13 2020 #1

Chris Casner

Slot Fish

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Property :
Nix Ranch: Lake TCU, Tioga

Frogs and More Frogs

Reservation Number : 25714
Property Name : Nix Ranch: Lake TCU
Reservation Date : 09/12/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 40 with 5 culls
Lures Used : Frogs, Toads, Whopper Plopper and Weightless Worm

Member Randy Groves and I fished Lake TCU on Saturday the 12th in separate boats. We got there early and top water bite was on. We caught some on Whopper Plopper but mostly on frogs and toads. The fish were relating to the bank - very close to the bank and in the slop a lot of the time. We had overcast skies and then fog until 9:30. Water temp started off at a surprising 75, didn't think the rain would cool off the lake that fast. Scattered grass except in middle of the lake (where the fish did not seem to be) made fishing anything with a hook exposed very difficult. Even a weightless Senko was too heavy.  I did get a handful on a weightless ExoStick and Fat Baby Finesse worm on grass edges but the shoreline was the ticket. Most of the fiesty fighters went between 2 pounds and 3lbs with a hand full of 4's and Randy caught a 5. Lake is easy to launch and easy to get to and the fish will only get better bigger with our culling efforts. We'll be back. 

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