Hard work at Kickapoo. With Mystery Fish???

Sep 14 2020

Michael Lukich


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Reservation Number : 25757
Property Name : Kickapoo Lake
Reservation Date : 09/13/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 27 1@4lbs, 5@2-3lbs
Lures Used : Lipless crank, wacky, rattletrap

Took a guest for a day of fishing.  Started off a bit slow, then lipless crankbait down the middle worked for a hour.  Nothing really on dam or the 2 coves. Mainly opposite of dam working weed line was most consistent with rattletrap, brush hog, and wacky.  Guest hooked a mystery fish on rattletrap.  must of fought it for 3-4 minutes.  Just as it was to boat, lost it.  Never saw the fish?  But fun watching the fight.  Thinking turtle or catfish.  Left at 5:30 wondering about the one that got away.  27 total 12 harvested.