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Sep 16 2020 #1

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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BlackJack Ranch, Giddings

Last Minute Trip to BlackJack Ranch 9-15-20

Fellow member John Shepard and I managed to book a last minute trip to BJR. The bite was hot from dawn till 9am and then tailed off through the day. We caught just over two dozen (dinks up to 16"). Couldn't find the big girls. Limited action on poppers at dawn, followed by an aggressive bite on weightless flukes till late morning. After mid morning they were only interested in the occasional weightless trig ribbon tail worm when hit on the head!

As reported by John, the weeds, although present, are severely diminished from last spring. Water clarity maybe 12- 16" depending on what part of the tank we were in. water temp in the mid 80's rising to 89F in the afternoon. Nothing on the brushpile. Can't wait to return to this fine tank and find the big ones.



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