9/6 Good fishing day...challenging on other fronts

Sep 17 2020

Blake Nelson


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Ended up catching 22 fish in total in the AM from 7am to 11:30ish.  Most fish were under 14", only 2 over with the biggest around 3lbs.  Fish were caught either on SPRO akuru shad jr or weightless texas rig senko in baby bass color.  It is very nice lake with about 3 foot water clarity , but has lots weeds right now.  Now for the challenging parts of the morning, 1st ended up hooking myself in the hand when one of the small fish came off. I had to put it all the way thru and cut off the barb to get it out. 2nd fun was i ended up breaking my landing gear for my kayak trying to get the kayak out of the water/mud. This made for a very challenging process of getting the kayak back on the trailer. 3rd part was on the way home my clutch cable broken on my International Scout, so i had to get towed back to the house.  Good news all this challenges are easy enough to fix.