Pecan Springs

Sep 20 2020

Shane A. Beck


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Reservation Number : 25794
Property Name : Pecan Springs Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/19/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30, smallest 10" and largest #7
Lures Used : Soft plastics / spinners / frogs

Let me begin by saying that as a new member, I really appreciate the map links included in the reservation as well as the property map. It really makes things easier!

We were welcomed into the property by 8 beautiful deer! Perfect weather, finally cool, and light breeze. The water temp was 81 and clear to about 2 foot. The lake level appears normal for this time of year and the lake grass is healthy but not bad. 

Watermelon red soft plastics were successful throughout the day. White spinners cranked fast over the grass got plenty attention. The area around the overflow at the dam was a solid producer all day as was the shallow flat at the far end of the dam opposite the boat launch.

We very much enjoyed the day here and te lake provided enough action to make the time fly by.


Sep 20 2020

Steve Carpenter


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Welcome to the club. One of the first lakes I fished when I joined the club. Very nice property