Beautiful Morning at JerMar

Sep 26 2020

Travis Burnett


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Reservation Number : 25932
Property Name : JerMar Lake
Reservation Date : 09/26/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7
Lures Used : Frogs, Spinnerbait, Worms

Had a great time at JerMar Lake for my first trip here fishing. Took my dad and we started off with frogs and caught one early with a couple other blowups that we didn't land before going out on the canoe. Took awhile to catch any roaming around the edge of the lake before we found a good spot and reeled in 6 over 30 minutes on the north end of the lake before the bite stopped. Our biggest and what looked to be a 4-5 lbs bass got off by the boat but we were able to hook two 4lbs largies and a couple 1.5-3lbers, 2 of which we culled under the 14" limit. Got some good photos of a nice sunrise panaorama and had a great time overall with beautiful weather. We mostly used frogs, worms and spinner bait, tried other stuff but those were only thing getting bites.

As an aside I'm loving the private water fishing membership and if anyone's looking for a fishing buddy I'd love to get out more especially from an experienced fisherman I could learn from!