Sep 27 2020

Michael Mozier


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Reservation Number : 25890
Property Name : Gallant Elm Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/26/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 15
Lures Used : Fly, Shadow Rap

Water Clear 74 degrees, Overcast, and windy. Had 15, culled 15. Lost five or six. Largest was just over 1 lb. Slow start, but once the wind started around 12:00 the fish turned on. Most came on a 6" Green/White Fantail. Funny thing is, the fantail segment was bitten off, but I kept throwing it without, and that produced most of the fish.

Just a heads-up. With the water level down like it is right now, a lot of the lake is shallow with some very dense vegetation. I was moving form the far side of the lake to the near side when I ran into very thick vegetation about 6" under water level. Can't see it until you're in it. Was like running aground on a sand bar. Trolling motor was fouled, and was stopped dead in the water. Had to pull-up the trolling motor, and row out of it. Watch out for that!

Still a good day on the water.