Didn't Get Skunked

Sep 28 2020

John Hufstedler


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Reservation Number : 25938
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/27/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 about 2.5 lbs
Lures Used : Whopper Plopper, White/Chartreuse Chatter bait, Carolina Rigged power worms,

Thanks to the sweet girl that hit my Wkhopper Plopper for chasing away the skunk.

The 15 mph wind with stronger gusts made me decide not to launch the kayak.  While this lake can be bank fished I found that the knee high grass and weeds along with a very soft bank make it a chore to fish from the bank.

I started with a trusted Whopper Plopper and caught my only fish tight to the bank right next to the Texas shaped pool within the first 20 minutes.  That was it.  I fished for about 2 hours then the frustration from cleaning grass from everything I threw, not catching anything and the chore of walking the bank  made me decide to call it an early day.  I like the lake and will be back.