Amazing Structure On Pecan Gap.

Oct 04 2020

Scott Wheeler


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Reservation Number : 25912
Property Name : Pecan Gap
Reservation Date : 10/03/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : Total=6, 1 x 2+LB.. 5, X1 + LB
Lures Used : Floating Craw, Swim Baits, Wacky Worm, Large Brush Hog

This was my first time out as a new member.
I have not fished for some time now
so maybe it was just me being out of practice.
Got To Get My Touch Back I' Sure I'm Missed Several Fish.
I thought the weather conditions were great
Cool morning, partly cloudy, A bit breazy at times but all in all a Beautiful day.
I thought the fish were somewhat finicky and I had very little action on the A.M. bite..
All 6 that I landed Came in the P.M.  about 14:00 when the wind Died down..
Met the owner Mr Mcgee Extremely nice man & very informative, explained how the lake was built 
for fishing and all the structure points..  
I didn't land the numbers today "Practice Will Help"  but I surely enjoyed this beautiful piece of property..
I will Be Back.....

Oct 05 2020

Scott Quigley


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Hi Scott, welcome to PWF!  Pecan Gap is a great lake with structure and big fish, but it is a quality vs numbers lake so it is a tough one to shake the rust off; but as you say, getting out and enjoying a beautiful piece of property still makes for a great day.

Oct 06 2020

David May

Slot Fish

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Hello Scott! 

Welcome to the club! As Scott Quigley has noted, Pecan Gap is a quality fishery where you will perhaps meet less fish but they will be quality in both size and fight. I find it a great challenge and always enjoyable to fish.