Bad Moon Risin'

Oct 05 2020

Michael Johnson


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My adult son and I fished Marshall 10-10 Home place on 10/1/20.

There had been a full moon the night before. The temp was 49 degrees when we arrived, right before sunrise.

When we arrived, there were two nice boats waiting for us. Neither was plugged in. One had batteries that were completely dead. The other had some charge, but it pretty much died by 0900. Fortunately, we had a trolling motor and battery with us, and we used that.

With the full moon the previous night combined with the cooler weather from the North, the fishing was pretty tough. We got a few dinks early, but then went six full hours without a bite. My son finally hooked a very big fish that got tangled in the timber and escaped to play another day. We then went another 1 1/2 hours without a bite. 

I have rarely seen a body of water look so lifeless as this one did. Not a sign of any baitfish or bass, hardly a bird to be seen or heard. I am not blaming the pond. I think it was just a combination of the full moon and the weather just completely shut things down. 

During the last hour of light, we did get quite a few ( maybe 15-20) on Senkos off the lily pads and in the creek channel in open water, up to about 3.5 pounds.

All in all, it is a gorgeous property, and I am sure the fishing can be good. We just hit it on a bad day.