Beautiful day at Indian Hollow Ranch

Oct 06 2020

Jeff Cavitt


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Reservation Number : 26068
Property Name : Indian Hollow Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/04/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 20
Lures Used : Stick worm/fluke/mini chatterbait/top water

Fellow PWF member Thomas R. and I went out on Sunday. Didn't get on the water until 9 AM'ish. Club boat is in good condition. As reported, the ramps are steep. 

Started with a little bit of top water. Got a couple of strikes but landed only one tiny bass that was tossed into the grass for the coyotes and buzzards to eat. We started out on the North end near the island and the gentle wind moved us towards the dam. We forgot to bring the anchor. What started working was green pumpkin with chartreuse tip stick worms and white/chartreuse tip or white/shad flukes. We ended up just dragging them from North to South and would get bites and small scrappy bass. We checked out the south creek but didn't catch any.

Dragging the lures across the vegetation or casting far from the boat, seemed to be the only way to catch them. 

Got off the water around 1:45/2 PM and headed out for lunch. We also stopped by a Walmart that was 30 minutes away, to pick up a rope and anchor. 

We got back on the water after 3 PM and the bite was a little slower until we found them in the middle of the lake. So if you can draw a straight line from the island to the Dam, we cruised that path and caught quite a few fish. Then trolled back to the north when the Dam wasn't producing. Dragging flukes behind the boat was successful and how 1 of the two 3+ pounders were caught. One on the East side half way to the dam and one between the island and the boat ramps. You really need natural colors and white lures to fish the clear water. 

On the trip back to the ramp to end the day, I landed 3 bass on the Whopper Plopper. All of mine were 2 pounders or small culls. We did get an aggressive red ear sunfish on a mini-chatterbait. 

Fun trip, beautiful place, just wish we could have caught a big fish.