Gainesville - 9/30/10

Oct 08 2020

Pete Lane


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One from last week I didn't get around to posting…. Had an enjoyable but challenging day at Pecan Gap last Wednesday. Lake is in great shape, full, 2' visibility - as always looks incredibly fertile and "fishy". As the prior post said, lake is loaded with structure, land owner makes a huge effort to produce quality fish with active management, fertilization, fish feeders…. However, last trip I struggled. Started at noon, not a bite until 6 pm, then caught 3 in rapid succession (all at 2lb) on Senkos in the shallows on the far bank, plus one on a rattle trap along the dam. 2 very marked thermoclines across the lake - made me wonder if had started "turning over" - but had also been a full moon. Anyway, great lake, but a tough day (by PWF standards). I'll be back!