Pleasant Day at Malouf Lake

Oct 08 2020

Larry McCarthy


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Reservation Number : 26021
Property Name : Malouf Lake
Reservation Date : 10/07/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 29 Bass
Lures Used : Soft plastics

A very pleasant afternoon spent at Malouf Lake. Day started a little slow around the launch point and trees just south of it. But then mover to south end of lake which is shallower and more weedy but then the fish started biting while using green Senkos. Had tried a frog and whopper plopper but no go on either of them. Took a break around 3 and then fished the eastern side of the lake with more success using Senkos, also had some very good luck with a green minnow swim bait. Caught the biggest fish of the day (6 pounds by hand held scale) in the grass by the duck blind. 

Oct 09 2020

Scott Quigley


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Larry, that is a very pleasant and VERY productive afternoon, congrats on the 6lber and numbers, great trip!