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Oct 09 2020 #1

Ryan Herrington


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Kickapoo Lake, Canton

Beautiful Afternoon at Kickapoo

Reservation Number : 26124
Property Name : Kickapoo Lake
Reservation Date : 10/08/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7 - 1-2lb
Lures Used : Tx Rig Lizards - Green Pumpkin; Tiny Torpedoes

Any afternoon out on the water is better than any afternoon at work!  On the water by 12:45pm.  Still lots of vegetation so best luck was fishing the fingers of the horseshoe and casting back towards the bank and working the bait back towards the middle or working the bait parallel to the weed beds.  No luck by the dam but lots of top water action, just nothing hitting my lizard or when I switched to tiny torpedoes.  Better luck again going down the other finger of the lake and working the weed beds.  The evening bite was picking up at 5pm when I had to get off the water as I pulled in the largest fish of the day on my last cast!  Lizards worked best, but also threw a fluke and a brush hog.  Both got some interest but lizards landed fish.  All in all, a fun, relaxing afternoon with just enough action to keep me interested.

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