Gallent Elms 11 culls and 1 five pounder before noon

Oct 19 2020

William Fetech


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Reservation Number : 25908
Property Name : Gallant Elm Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/17/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 45
Lures Used : Jig, crank, senko, paddle tail

Since I fished Giddings the day before, I got a later start at Medina around 9. As I launched and turned on the depth finder, I noticed a large cloud of fish at about 20 ft. Although jigging is not my best fishing technique, I had to try and caught a couple along with one on a jigging spoon and on a wacky senko. Unfortunately, the school disappeared and I decided to try the timbers with square billed cranks and I was rewarded. By lunchtime I had 12 all we’re culls except for the 5 pounder. After lunch I continued switching between the crank and weighted paddle tails. When I left around 6, I had a total of about 45 - 35 culls, 6 over, and 4 that slipped away. 

On multiple occasions, I had back to back catches and I can only assume there were times when I caught 3 and 4 back to back. 

The morning was overcast with a couple of periods of heavy mist. The was done wind, but it got windier and less cloudy in the afternoon. 

Bill Fetech