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Oct 24 2020 #1

David Wilcox


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Property :
Indian Hollow Ranch, Boswell

Wonderful Day after a cold Front

Reservation Number : 26249
Property Name : Indian Hollow Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/24/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 26- culled 10, 1- 3.9 lbs, 1- 4.5 lbs. 14 from 1.5-2.5 lbs
Lures Used : Senco/ White 6 inch plastic worm/ lipless crankbait/ whopper Popper

My Son and I arrived at day break to this awesome property. We used the club boat, it's in good condition. This is a perfect lake to take someone, because they hit just about everything we threw. My Son caught a 3.9 LBS within 10 mins of hitting the water. He caught it 50 yards from launch area on the west side. We floated to the south picking up several along the way to the dam. We put on the Whooper Popper on the SE corner and caught 6. That is the only area they hit top water.  Most bites came a long the grass line with soft plastics. It's a little drive from Frisco, but well worth it. Can't wait to go back

Oct 26 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for harvesting. Much appreciated. 

If this lake was an hour closer to DFW it would be a top 10 favorite in the club. I love this lake.

Those who fish here return. 




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