Cold morning

Oct 26 2020

Bobby Heckeroth


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Reservation Number : 26037
Property Name : Gallant Elm Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/24/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7/1.5
Lures Used : swimbait / swim jig

My wife and I were visiting the hill country and decided to try this lake while we were there. Arrived about 8am after a coldfront blew through the night before. I was disappointed to see the lake extremely low but not surprised as the whole surrounding area seemed to be dry this year.  I started with a hollow body sunfish and had several misses, probably from smaller fish. Switched to bluegill color swimjig and caught several. Later switched to a larger lake fork lures paddle tail swimbait to try and upgrade the bite. All ended up being right around the slot limit. This definitely seems to be a numbers lake. We ended up having to cut our trip short and only fished the morning. Even with the lake low there was plenty to fish and you can't beat the views.