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Nov 09 2020 #1

Shane A. Beck


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Pecan Springs Ranch, Waxahachie

Slow Day at Pecan Springs

Sorry Im a few days late in posting. The temps were great, the wind increased all day from the south and the fish felt the pressure for sure! Water color is stained, temp 59. The water level is up a couple feet since my last visit and this property is beautiful! As for the fish, we only managed 5 fish for the day, avg #2 but they fight harder! Fire tiger crank bait ripped through the pond grass was the only recipe for success. Surprised the top water bite wasnt on considering the chop on the water, but it wasnt.

The owners did stop by the ramp and introduce themselves, they seem nice and also proud of their property! I expressed gratitude for them sharing their property with us! The concrete ramp is nice and prvides a great spot for occassional breaks!

I will return and next time Mr. Fish, I win the day!


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