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Nov 12 2020

Bill Nowlin


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Reservation Number : 26458
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 11/11/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 16; 8" - 15"
Lures Used : soft plastics; swim baits

Solo trip to Waterboo this afternoon.  Beautiful property.  Perfectly clear skies, 70 degrees, east wind at 2-5 mph.  Water extremely clear, guessing 8' visibility.  Perfect weather, but not necessarily ideal for fishing.  In any event, managed ~ 12 bass (10 cull), several crappie and several goggle-eye bream on swim bait (with the spinner attached), super flukes, and senkos.  Bite was predictably subtle considering gin-clear water and bluebird skies.  Pulled a few out of deeper pockets of feeder creek on south end, most were scattered around the main body of the lake.  Saw some wild hogs and an enormous flock of turkey buzzards (guessing 200, I am not kidding) take off from their roost in the woods way up the creek.  I fished this property about 20 years ago when it was part The Great Texas Bass Club, the original predecessor organization of Private Water Fishing.  Was good to see it again!