decent fishing and a great Ab workout after pumpkin pie

Nov 29 2020

Adrian Helfert


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Reservation Number : 26625
Property Name : Five Finger Springs
Reservation Date : 11/28/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7
Lures Used : spinner bait and senko

Took the kids out to get out of the house.  Beautiful lake set up.   A little muddy on the bank . There were three boats.  A pelican without seats, a jon boat looking like the owners with stuff stored in and a pelican/jon boat with two seats and a trolling motor.  I took the pelican/jon boat.  The "drivers" seat was on a broken swivel so required a good ab workout to stay upright.   Setting the hook on the senko had added skill required!   Good fun - I'll definitely go back though more likely just me on a sunny warm day.

Nov 29 2020

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for the reminder. About a month ago we updated the description of the property to reflect the boat situation at Five Finger Springs. The current situation is "boat temporarily unavailable". In our opinion, none of the 3 boats are operational. We have notified the landowner and we hope to have the situation rectified by Spring. We recommend that you bring your own boat, reserve another property, or wait to fish here until the boat situation is rectified.