It's such a peaceful place - but the fish were too cold to move

Dec 11 2020

Travis Franklin (Flower Mound)


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Reservation Number : 26688
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 12/10/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3 fish 15"-17"
Lures Used : Yes - all of them

Weather was 70s, bluebird skies, steady winds 10-15. I can't tell you the water temp, but by their sluggishness I'll guess low 50s. I arrived at 11:55 and had my lures tied on by noon. Once I flipped the boat over, I took a sharpie and marked off 14" on the bench seat, no guessing or carrying a ruler. I had no trolling motor, just a paddle and an anchor for the day and 5 rods ready to go. My original plan was to find some grass in deep water and punch through it.  So I had  1) Tokyo rig 1/2 oz. with a pumpkin green Bandito bug. 2) Texas rig Senko 1/2 ounce. 3) Chatterbait, bluegill with a 4" paddle tail exoswim trailer in bluegill 4) My trusty little white spinner bait 5) Frog

The wind was pretty hard out of the south and paddling into the wind by myself was a little slow, so I headed south to the creek mouth to drift north with the wind along the cliff edge and drop anchor along the way.  There is still a shallow point coming off the creek mouth with grass and the edges of it drop off to 8-10 feet at least. Much to my surprise, the main body of the lake is basically grass free except a thin layer on bottom.

So my plan changed and I threw the Tokyo rig first off the deep drop from the cliff edge and got my first bite within 10 minutes. It was about 14.5".  That was 12:15. The bassforecast app said 2-3 was best for afternoon. My next bite was 2:30. Between there I threw all those baits above plus - crankbaits, flukes, weightless Senko, Carolina rigged Senko, lizards, ribbon tail power worms and a Jig with a rage craw trailer. (pumpkin green)

The next 2 fish came at 2:30 at the north east corner of the lake bumping that chatterbait on the bottom about 10-12' real slow. One was along the fence line and one was at the concrete drain. Both came within 5 minutes of the other. Second fish was 15", third was a better fish at about 17". All fought well but were very sluggish when boated and released. I fished until 5, had two more bites (only on the chatterbait) but might have been perch or crappie. Saw a nice big buck on the way out. Beautiful place and relaxing day. So quiet and peaceful.