Tough day of fishing but a beautiful day

Dec 24 2020

Mark Wheelock


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Property Name : Bridle Oaks Ranch
Reservation Date : 12/21/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1
Lures Used : Everything

The boys and I fished Bridle Oaks for the first time on Monday.  It was a beautiful day on a very pretty lake.  We caught three, but lost two right at the boat.  The one we did land was about sixteen inches so it got thrown back.  They hit extremely hard so it was surprising they weren't biting better.  Definitely plan on going again in the springtime.  We chunked everything we had at them and fished the entire lake.  All three were caught on the left side of the dam if you are on the water looking at it.  There was quite a bit of moss in the water and almost every cast required cleaning of our lures.  Still had a great time.   We didn't have any chatterbaits on us or would have definitely tried them, and we caught everything on black and white H & H spinners and green beetle spins.