Fairly Slow Day But Fat Bass

Jan 17 2021

John Shepard

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Reservation Number : 26931
Property Name : Brushy Creek Lake
Reservation Date : 01/16/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14 / 2.0# - 5.7#/ 0 harvest
Lures Used : dropshot, wacky worm, liplesss crank

Ron Dupree and I made our first trek to Kyle Brushy Creek on the 16th and had an enjoyable outing.  Conditions: bluebird skies, 7-8 mph wind, air temp ranged from 36 to 65, water temp 47 to 50, water fairly clear but stained, healthy submerged vegetation out to about 6 foot water depth. Recent reports indicated moving baits had been effective so we circled the lake throwing a variety of different lures with no bite.  We then concentrated on the deeper water and the dam area but never saw a fish on our graph or had a bite.  After several hours, we finally got our first bass of the day on a wacky worm on the eastern bank.  All but two of our 14 eventual bass were caught along the eastern bank near the northern end of the cleared area.  Two were caught at the southern end of the fence that parallels the western bank.  A wacky worm fished with a 1/32 oz weight was the most effective (9) followed by a drop shot (3) and a lipless crankbait (2). The bass were impressively fat.  Ron had a 20" that pushed 5#, I had a 20.25" @5.4#, and Ron's 21.5" weighed 5.65#. None of the bass we caught were less than 2#.  Our only harvested fish was a large crappie.  The two largest bass were caught in a 4-bass spurt late in the afternoon.

Although we couldn't find any of the 8#-11# bass that others have caught at Brushy Creek, we were satisfied with the high quality of those that we did catch.  I guess we will have to return to try again.

Jan 22 2021

Steve Alexander


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Kyle Brushy Creek is likely the hottest lake in the club this winter. Its kicking out lots of bigger fish (5lb+)