Couldn't Find the Bass at Brushy Creek

Jan 23 2021

John Shepard

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 26974
Property Name : Brushy Creek Lake
Reservation Date : 01/22/2021 All Day - 01/22/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 / 1.5# - 3#
Lures Used : wacky worm

Ron Dupree and I just couldn’t locate the bass at Brushy Creek on 1/22. We arrived at 7:45 to overcast skies, light winds, and 53 degree water and ended the day at 3:45 with mostly sunny skies, light breezes, and 56 degree water.  Despite the water warming by 5 degrees in a week, the bass didn’t seem to be active.  We circled the lake multiple times and tried many lures in a variety of settings; near the bank, above submerged grass, along fencelines, in the deepest water, and along grass edges.  We never really established a pattern except that all of our 6 bass (1.5# – 3#) were either above or near submerged grass.  Nothing along shorelines, brush, fences, or the dam.  We couldn’t even find many bass using our electronics.  All the bass were caught on wacky-rigged  worms with very light weights.

Jan 24 2021

Rollin Sarradet


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I had the same problem out there today. The bass were not biting. Only caught a couple. Two weeks ago my son and I caught 10 over 5lbs, including an 8 and two 7’s. They just shut down, but that's fishing!