Very Unique Lake

Feb 07 2021

Rick Svoboda

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 27115
Property Name : Five Finger Springs
Reservation Date : 02/06/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3 w/ biggest 17"
Lures Used : Ned Rig

Mike and I fished Saturday afternoon for about 4 ½  hours.  Was  cold & drizziling when we  got on the water, but by 3 a little sunshine peaked out occasionly.  This lake lived up to its description and was fun and very unique to fish.  Water clarity 6’-7’ and water temp 52.  Mike caught 3, of which two were harvested.  The other went at 17” and was fat and had great color.  I got skunked.  Tried all kinds of lures and the only thing that worked was a ned rig.  We brought our own small boats and the concrete boat ramp is terrific for launching & recovery.  We went in the first gate aand followed the scenic drive back to the ramp.  But found the second gate and used it to exit the property.