Timber Lake is Heating Up!!

Feb 08 2021

Jeremy Francis


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Fished 2/7/21 from 8:30am until 2:00.  Cloudy most of the day, 5-10 mph wind, 35-50 degrees air temps, and water temps were 48-50.  We quickly figured out the fish wanted moving baits, and only moving baits in Shad colors (white, silver, etc). Caught roughly 20 fish between two people, all on chatterbaits, swim jigs, and swimbaits. Super fun day despite the cooler temps and wind.  All fish were super healthy and fat, with the largest at 4 lbs. the majority of fish came in 5-10 ft of water, and mainly in the east arm of the lake. They were in the trees, and tree tops, so a slower retrieve and letting the bait get down a bit in the water column was key.  Should be a fun spawn coming out there as well!!

Video here:  https://youtu.be/NeMvfEd4nJg