Nice to Be on Water Instead of Ice

Feb 28 2021

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 27145
Property Name : Timber Lake
Reservation Date : 02/27/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5 all nice
Lures Used : Flies

Fished Timber Lake today and was hoping the fish had thawed out from last week. I think mostly they have. Water was a little extra stained from the rain this week but very fishable. It was over cast all day and rained a bit here and there but it was way better than last week’s snowmess. Only caught 5 bass but they were heathy and great fish on the fly rod - all over 17”. Biggest was just at 4 pounds. Caught 3 in the creek arm on the launch side, 1 across the lake near shore where the trees thin out and one just inside the cove to the right of the launch. All the bites were pretty close to shore and shallow. Black wooly bugger and a black rubber legged Gamechanger were the winning flies today. Tried fishing deeper and caught a lot of wood but no bites. Nothing on top but no surprise there. I think once this lake warms up just a bit its gonna be bonkers. So great to get out on the water after being cooped up last week...