Hudson Happenings

Feb 28 2021

Bruce Bernard

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 27204
Property Name : Hudson Lake
Reservation Date : 02/27/2021 All Day - 02/27/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : Decent
Lures Used : soft plastic fished slow

I spent the day fishing with Michael Smith at Hudson Lake.  The lake is secluded and very pretty.  We had trouble getting bit at first and we attributed it to hangover from the Great Cold Spell of ‘21.  We ended up cartching a decent number of bass to 4 pounds on Z-Craws fished very slowly mostly on the North end of the lake.  As from the day before at Lakota we had a group of eagles keep us company for the day.  Two Canadian Geese and a half dozen ducks added to the wildlife paradise.  We did have one incident that was interesting to report.  On of the big carp (approx 40 pounds by appearance) was floating upside down in the shallows, I assumed it was dead.  approached it and touched it gently with my paddle and it finned about sluggishly.  All of the sudden the fish took off at a high rate of speed and then after a short time flipped on its back 50 yards away and repeated the act.  It did this several times and I can only assume that this was it’s preferred way of sunning?  I had seen a similar activity at approximately this same time of year at Post Oak several years ago.