Bite was on at Rock Chimney 4/11/21

Apr 12 2021

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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Just a drop dead beautiful day in this part of Texas! Rolled past acres of wildflowers in full bloom and took in the heard of bison and zebras grazing on one of the big ranches along Highway 71, on the way to Rock Chimney!

Pulled up to this fine tank just before noon and met my son in law, his guest and my grandson for an afternoon of bass fishing. The mission was pretty straight forward…put my 5 year old grandson onto some bass catching action. Rock Chimney delivered!!! Between the four of us we caught just over 50 bass and one catfish! And with my help, my grandson caught his first of 11 bass over the afternoon session (see pic), just after he got out of the truck.

The fish were all in good shape and ranged in size from dinks to ~20”. Over the afternoon we each landed a couple in the 19-20” range (about 7 in total). My grandson was pretty pumped…he has been watching bass fishing youtube videos since we started fishing in his neighborhood pond for bluegill last year during Covid, and yesterday was his first success at landing a bass.

What a great day! He couldn’t stop talking all the way home about the trip, and going again!

We saw Mr. Stanley for a couple of minutes late in the afternoon and had a nice chat! Thanked him again for allowing us to fish this fine tank!



P.S. Just uploaded a video of his 1st LMB. A Zoom Red Plum Trick Worm rigged on a wacky weedless.

Apr 12 2021

Scott Quigley


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Great report Bob, glad you were able to get your grandson on his first (of many I’m sure) bass, what a special day!