Leaky Lake / Hawg Trough / The Trailer

Apr 13 2021

Chase Worthington


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My dad and I fished Leaky/Hawg Trough on the 8th. It was incredible and Heartland is such an amazing property. Craig is a fantastic host and very accomodating. We stayed in the trailer on the 7th and it was perfect. Exactly what we needed. Grilled some steaks and caught up on some sleep before our day of fishing. Leaky fished well and we found fish in the creek arm and in the pads. Even caught my first frog fish of the year. They were eating brush hogs, speed worms, and chatter baits. Around lunch time, we moved on over to Hawg Trough. I personally enjoyed this lake more. I love fishing timber and there is so much of it at hawg trough. Most of our fish were caught very shallow bouncing off pads and stumps.. brush hogs and speed worms were the ticket to success. These bass pull so hard and every fish was over 3lbs. We have a few over 5lbs. We caught 20+ during our day. My dad and I have offically declared Heartland an annual trip for us. Check out the pics!