Fantastic day @ Tara Lake

Apr 16 2021

Ron Wood


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Reservation Number : 27636
Property Name : Tara lake
Reservation Date : 04/15/2021 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 40+ bass, 4>5lbs, 7>4lbs, 30>3lbs and a bunch of 1-2 lbs.
Lures Used : Top water popper, TRworms of various colors and styles.

What a great day on the water, a little dicey driving thru the creek with 5-6 in of water flowing..I’m glad we were not dragging a trailer. Lake is very full and water going out the overflow by the dam. It took us about 30 minutes to figure out the bass were holding tight to the banks in all the newly flooded grass lines. We had almost constant action on the top water lures and the worms..motor oil w/red flake and watermelon w/ red flakes, this was not the only colors that we caught fish with but the predominant colors. The marked brush piles were not holding fish, we tried several times during the day. The trick was motor to a grass line and let the wind push you. Due to my poor netting my son lost a 6+. And later another 5+ got tangled in the anchor rope and lost her. There are several rocky points to the left of the ramp that were holding bigger fish, Kevin had one spit the top water lure that had to be 8+, it was the largest fish he had hooked today. There is a nesting pair of Canadian Geese that will talk to you all day. There no snot moss around the edges, we did encounter a little fishing deeper structure, but I expected that. We fished from 7am until 2pm, we had to leave due to other commitments back in the metroplex. Most all of the larger females were still carrying eggs and their tails were showing signs of fanning nests. I can’t wait to return and try again.

Tight lines and stay safe on the water, Ron