Just before the cold front

Apr 17 2021

Eric Carr


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Reservation Number : 27377
Property Name : Lago Escondido
Reservation Date : 04/16/2021 All Day - 04/16/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 50 to 3lbs6oz
Lures Used : 360GT searchbait, TX rigged worms

Fished alone (my brother had to cancel last minute) in 74 degree water, high for the day was around 80 and it was breezy.  The lake is about 3 feet low. Weeds are all over but not a problem, and the owner is treating them. Caught two chunks on a Berkley Paddling Toad early AM in the grassy cove next to the dock.  After that they had little interest in a topwater. Throughout the day I fished the 360GT until I got a bump then threw a worm at the spot.  They bit the 360 as well as the worms, however.  Lost two giants who each jumped high close to me just to show off – both on worms.  Next time I’ll gear up with a stiffer rod and line and be better prepared. Last trip before this one I landed a 7lb14oz beauty on a wacky worm (didn’t file a report on that trip). This is one of may favorite properties – beautiful and wild.  It is a bird sanctuary. The last couple of trips there have been several big white swans.