Great First Visit to Butler

Apr 27 2021

Wendell Vines


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Reservation Number : 28204
Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 04/26/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : A good bunch/ up to 5+lb
Lures Used : Crankbaits, chatterbaits, SP

Made a first visit to Butler on Monday afternoon with John Bedore.  Beautiful place, convenient, easy drive and fish worth catching!  Landed 3 nice size bass on first few casts in protected cove before getting to the boat launch ramp.  The 15 mph winds gave some issues after that but the fish didn’t seem to mind.  Lots of 3+ lb bass with only 6 culls.  Had a blast with frogs in the moss later in the afternoon.  Ran into some crappie too.    As usual my buddy John caught the most fish.

Confirmed suggestion that two people may be needed to move the large club boat.  Had a bit of leak but not a problem, just some damp feet & gear. 

The lake is surrounded by trees so is a really nice place to spend the day.  Thanks to PWF for lining up this property, and to the owners for allowing us to enjoy the beauty of their place.